Monday, December 21, 2009

I'll be Home for Christmas!

As anticipated, Dylan's surgery got postponed again this morning. He was a champ once again with the whole not getting to eat anything. He was in a great mood and is upstairs napping right now. Good news is, we'll for sure be home for Christmas. We are reschduled for February 8th...hopefully third time will be the charm. Thanks to everybody for all the moral support, prayers etc. I'll need them again in a few months :)

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Matt told me that Dylan's surgery got cancelled...again. I'm sorry. I know this is something that you were ready to have happen, and I know how draining it is to prepare yourself for something big like this....and you have gone through enough times already.

    Sending you hugs and a big Ho Ho Ho from us all!

  2. The most beautiful santa baby ever!!!
    Merry Christmas, tons of hugs and kisses for you and Dylan.
    Great Aunt Beth

    can't wait to see christmas pictures

  3. I can almost see that tooth. Dylan will be bigger and stronger for his February 8th surgery. Third time is the charm!