Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We've officially been home for 4 days now. Dylan continues to be great. He's such a good baby. He continues to eat like a champ and sleeps very well for the most part. He usually has one fussy spell in the middle of the night, but other than that he's pretty much perfect (I know would you expect anything less?)! A huge thank you to my mom who has been staying with me and even more importantly taking over all the burping, diaper changing, rocking back to sleep duties so that I can get the maximum amount of sleep in between feedings. She's been a life saver, especially because I've been dragging quite a bit with a bit of a sinus infection. Here are some things you've missed in the last few days...

On the Thursday before Dylan came home, Kristen and I decided to give him another bath in the hospital. I was holding a very naked Dylan and Kristen decided it was a photo op (what isn't with somebody this cute!). Kristen turned around to pick up the camera and when she turned back she started laughing hysterically. Dylan had apparently decided that it was a good time to poop and it was going down my t-shirt (these days I wear mostly Zach's clothes, so that's one less Cubs shirt I can wear in public. Brad/Carrie Mac, feel free to insert obvious joke here). Of course, I started laughing as well, and completely froze. I didn't want to put him back in his crib because he was still pooping. So, I was holding him out, while he pooped on the floor of the NICU. Kristen didn't know what to do either...so of course we decided she needed to take pictures! I then realized that his dirty diaper was still folded up in his crib, so I held him over it while he finished the job. Of course many of our favorite nurses came by to see what we were laughing so loudly about. I think at one point during his bath, we had about 7 nurses watching/laughing with us. What can I say; the little man is already quite popular!
Dylan says, it's not my fault, I had to go!
All clean now!
Last time in my room with Kristen!!

Very fittingly, Kristen worked on Friday, the day we got discharged. It just seemed right that she was there for his admittance and then to say farewell. The day went by quickly with the feedings etc. The room my mom and I stayed in was very nice...and it's best feature was that you could pick up a phone and order from a menu that had just about everything you could imagine (nachos, chicken nuggets etc.) pretty much any time of the day. That I could get used to. My parents both harassed me about how many different things I ordered, but it was like the perfect ultimate buffet!
Beth came up from the PICU for the final farewell and helped document the goodbye! I drove him home very cautiously, and of course was not at all pleased with all the crazy drivers cutting me off! But we made it. Vito was VERY interested in the baby. He just wants to lick him all over! He's started to calm down some, but was very hyper that first night!
Grandpa helping pack up the room

Saying goodbye to his favorite nurse!
Dylan says good bye to Children's Mercy
Farewell Children's!!
My first car ride!!
Dylan had his very first out of town home visitor. JoAnne came down to meet Dylan. It wasn't a very exciting weekend (we didn't leave the house), but JoAnne enjoyed holding Dylan and he enjoyed looking at the new face. We also enjoyed playing all sorts of games on Jo's i-Phone. Ever since my stay at the hospital, I've been addicted to Yahtzee!

Sunday, the Children's Mercy home health nurse stopped by. She did a fairly brief assessment on the little man (after a not very brief assessment of me!). Mainly, she'll come out twice a week for the next two weeks to make sure he's gaining weight appropriately. She was very nice, and Dylan is definitely used to people messing with him now. Dylan also had some more visitors. Beth, Josh and Lars came by to see the little man (sorry Lars, we need to get a picture next time). Beth made us some awesome cookies!! It's hard to tell, but they are houses welcoming Dylan home. We didn't let Dylan have any, but Uncle Morris will definitely get his share.

On Monday, Dylan's favorite nurse made a house visit. Kristen, Dylan and I were in withdrawal from each other after only 48 hours after seeing each other almost every day for 3 1/2 weeks. I have a feeling Dylan is going to know his way to Brookside very well, and Kristen's Civic will be able to do the drive to our house on its own. Monday night, we decided to give Dylan his first bath at home and his first bath without nurse's assistance. Luckily, Morris had come over to see Dylan and he's definitely an expert bath giver. Dylan didn't love the bath, but he did a pretty good job!

Dylan and I are still figuring out how to do all of this at home together. But we've got a ton of help which is much appreciated! And we're very excited for Grandma Toni and Aunt Nicki to come back and visit this weekend!!


  1. He is getting so big already and looks really healthy. Go Dylan!

  2. Dylan is already the most amazing, strong, and one of the most adorable little boys I have ever seen. You of course are still one of the strongest women I have ever met. I really admire you and miss you. I would love to come down and meet this amazing little guy and catch up with an old dear friend (that's you if you didn't catch that). I hope Dylan likes the little gifts my mother and I sent. I know you are already an amazing mother and that Dylan has had an exciting and challenging start to an amazing life he will have. Please let me know if you would be up for a casual visit here in a couple of months. I would love to meet him. Rest up and take care of that truly amazing Dylan!

    Missy Wilson Kruse

  3. Bobs - I'm glad you said I could insert a Cubs joke...because I did. :) I may be able to visit you and Dylan middle of June. We'll chat about it soon. MISS YOU! Carrie Mac