Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can You Believe It's Been a Month?!?

So believe it or not, Dylan is over a month old. Let's hope all of his future months aren't quite as eventful as this one. He continues to do great and we continue to get into our routine. Although, it's hard to call it a routine when nothing we do is ever the same each day. Who would've thought I'd get to the point where taking a shower would become an accomplishment!?! From what I can gather, Dylan is actually very good for a baby. Sometimes it's just hard to remember that at 1:30 in the morning when he's been crying for a few hours. Many thanks to my mom and sister who have continued to take his fussy shift so I can get some sleep. Although, I'm a little worried that all these nights with Andrea might delay Ella getting a little brother or sister.

We had the first Ella and Dylan encounter. Andrea brought Ella over for lunch last Friday. She was VERY interested in Dylan, but we mostly let her touch his foot to avoid spreading germs. She waved at him a ton and seemed a little confused on why he didn't wave back.

Dylan also had his first official date. Jamie brought over her little one Caitlin. Caitlin was born about a week and a half after Dylan, so he's already going for younger women! Carissa also came all the way down from Minneapolis just to see the little man...or maybe it was for a wedding, but who's keeping track.

We had a great weekend with Nicki and Toni coming to visit. My mom had stayed for the whole week, so we had a full household. We took Dylan on his first couple of walks (the first with me carrying him, the second in his stroller). We also took Dylan's official one month pictures (although, I'm pretty sure we have multiple pictures of every day of his life!).
Enjoying some quality family time!
Yes, there is a baby underneath all of that stuff!
Getting ready for walk #2

I love my bouncy seat!

Yesterday was also a fairly momentous day, for me that is. Yesterday, was the first official day since Dylan was born that I dressed in something other than running pants. I know, I'm getting pretty fancy with jeans! I figured the statute of limitations on the c-section excuse for not getting dressed probably ran out around 5 weeks, so I was pushing it! Although, it's hard to compete with how cute all of Dylan's clothes are (yes, for those of you keeping track, that's the second hoodie that he owns!).

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