Friday, April 24, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!!

I guess the title of the post is kind of fitting, since we're going home to Kansas. That's right, Dylan gained weight last night, and we're heading home this afternoon!!!

My mom and I survived the first official night of having Dylan entirely in our care. Although, he must like flirting with the night nurses, because he had absolutely no desire to go to sleep until around 1 a.m. After that he slept pretty well, except for the feedings every three hours. Wow, I'm pretty sure I'm going to reach an entirely new level of exhaustion. And I thought rowing practice at 5:30 a.m. was tough! But, it's all very much worth it. And we are all just so happy that Dylan has done so well and is going home so early! Being the slight perfectionist that I am, I had always told Zach that I hoped he was home in less than 4 weeks (the low end of average). Well after we saw how big the omphalocele was, I don't think any of the hospital workers would have taken the bet that he'd be out in less than 4 weeks. But Dylan already has quite the feisty personality and appears to enjoy proving people wrong.

We'll obviously have pictures of the homecoming (should I get a corsage?), but for now here are some of the pictures from the last 2 days...(and yes, every 3 week old needs overalls and a hoodie! Thanks Kristen!!)

My First Bath:

Wow, I'm exhausted!!


  1. We're so glad to hear the big man is doing so well! Great work on the blog, keep 'em coming!

    steve & heather

  2. I'm so happy everything is going so well Bobbie! I've been praying for you and Dylan and it sounds like prayers have been answered! Dylan is absolutely adorable, we'll have to make a match with him and my Madeline someday. :) Hope to get to see you in person soon.


  3. I am so excited for you to have Dylan at home. He is so cute and seems to be doing well from all your posts. I love this blog so I can keep up with you guys! I can't wait to come to KC and see you sometime soon...if not before school gets out early this summer. I want to meet Dylan in person, snuggle him and of course spend time with you too:)

    Take Care,