Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 4th from TRL!!!

We spent another FABULOUS 4th of July in paradise, aka the VanDeVelde lake house at Table Rock Lake.  We had an amazing time, and I absolutely love that the lake is one of Dylan's favorite places in the world!!  Jim and Jane are fantastic hosts and we are already excited to go back next year!!

I know I've been a huge blog slacker Erin, this one is for you!  I'm going to let the pics tell the stories...and as always, I will try to catch up on everything else soon!!

You mean most 30 something year olds don't still drink Boone's??!!??

"Max" the new golf cart!

D loved tubing this year...I did have to throw him on the tube against his will the first time, but once we started going, he was in heaven.  And says it was his favorite part of the lake!

D was so excited tubing with Ryan and Lauren (aka Lolo).  He is SO in love with both of's awfully cute!

As you can see from the pics, D also mastered doing front flips into the pool and lake (thanks to Lars!!).  He was bummed Carolyn wasn't at the lake this year (for many reasons), but specifically because Erin told him that Carolyn would do flips with them.  He convinced me to try it...I told him I only had one flip in me, so if he wanted me to do it, we better get it on video on the first try...turned out pretty well, we are quite in sync.  But for the record, if it looks painful, that's b/c it was :)  

One more funny'll notice in the pics that there are a few of Dylan playing beer pong.  It will come as a surprise to nobody that Dylan is quite competitive and loves anything involving a contest (I have NO idea where he got it).  On Monday, when I dropped D off at school, we were telling his teacher about how he loved tubing and got really good at doing front flips.  Then D smiled and said, "and I'm really good at beer pong too!"  I turned bright red and tried to change the subject...but he's right, he is awfully good!


  1. Looks like great fun with great friends!

  2. D & Beer pong. LOL! - Carrie Mac