Friday, June 6, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Never seems to slow down, but the good news is we are having lots of fun around here.  Took D to his 5 year old check-up (see I'm behind on everything!)  He continues to do great!  He's up to the 85th percentile for height (45 inches) and 60th percentile for weight (42.5 pounds).  He had to get 3 shots, and wasn't happy about that.  But he also got a "prescription" to take to the pharmacy (in the same building as the doctor) for a popsicle and thought that was great!!

Aunt NiNi and Baby Sydney were here all week and we had a GREAT time with them!!  More pics later, but I couldn't go another week without posting!!


  1. Popsicles make it much better!

  2. My poor Dylan, looks like the popsicle made it better. Can't believe how grown up he looks. We miss you guys a lot, have to see if a neoga trip is in the future for this summer.
    love you both