Friday, August 23, 2013


I can't believe Dylan is in pre-k!!  Only one more year until kindergarten...he is getting so OLD!!  I copied the idea for the pic below from somebody else.  I plan to ask D these questions each year on his first day of school.  It will be fun to track how his responses change over time!

Bagel breakfast with Mommy before the first day of school :)

Pre-K has proven to be a bit rough...on day 2 of school, I got a call in the afternoon that Dylan had fallen on the playground and had a cut on his forehead.  It wasn't super deep, but it was about an inch long, so I took him into the doctor to make sure he didn't need stitches.  They agreed he didn't need stitches, but did use glue to apply a couple of steri-strips to his forehead...

D's "harumph" face :)

Although, I think he thought it was worth it for the attention, sticker and sucker...

Unfortunately, by Saturday, D was having a pretty allergic reaction to the glue (mastisol for those of you keeping track).  We were in Iowa for the fair (more pics later), but he got puffy enough that we took him to urgent care.  They weren't overly concerned and told us to just keep up the took a few days, but by Monday night, he was much better!  There is still a bit of a rash on his face, but the swelling is finally gone!

D was a champ through everything!  Luckily, even though his eyes were so swollen he couldn't open them all the way, he never seemed to be in any pain...he continued to play just like he always does, so that was a relief.  

Here's one from yesterday morning (yes it was a cupcake for breakfast kind of day...)  As you can see, he's looking much more like his normal self!! 

I've posted 200+ pictures from June/ I just have to write the stories and get it posted, but I promise it will be soon!!  :)


  1. Nice to have the little man recovered from his puffy eyes. He sure looks old in these pictures.

  2. I like the yearly "favorites" plan. I wonder what he will have to say when he is 16- hope his mommy is still makes him happy.

    Love you guys!