Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Reunion with my Little Fish!!

We spent last weekend in Neoga, Illinois for a family reunion with Zach's family.  We had a great time!  D and I took off early on Friday and headed to the St. Louis zoo to break up the trip!  Dylan was awesome in the car and we had a great time exploring the zoo, even though it poured on us towards the end!  Luckily, at that point it was time to go pick up Aunt NiNi from the airport.  The zoo is great (and free), so we'll definitely have to explore it again sometime!

After we picked up Aunt NiNi we headed to...IHOP, where else?  D and NiNi both love it there...and Dylan ate all of his food (including 5 small chocolate chip pancakes) and some of NiNi's!

Saturday morning, we went for a swim in the pool before heading over to Great Grandpa Lee and Grandma Rose's house.  D is quite the fish (video evidence in a few!)

We had a GREAT time at the family reunion!  We made homemade ice cream, fished (D and Grandpa Lee even caught one), played a multitude of sports (baseball, soccer, water balloon toss, bags, etc.) and most importantly enjoyed spending so much quality family time.  It's a tradition I hope we continue for many years to come!

Look closely for the (small) fish they caught!

D decided there was room for 2 on Aunt NiNi's lap!

D proved my theory that he would NEVER quit playing baseball if I didn't make him...with so many people to pitch to him, he played for hours and hours!  And still wanted one more pitch!  One of his favorite parts...hitting a "homerun" into the lake and watching Todd wade in to get the ball :)

Looks like we wore somebody out!!

The next morning, we hit up the pool again!  I have some cool group pics with Beth's underwater camera that I will try to upload later...but as promised, here's my little fish in action!  I couldn't believe how great of a job he did!!

After the pool, we took NiNi back to the St. Louis airport and headed home!  D did a great job traveling, once again, although, I was jealous that he got to nap while I had to drive :) 

I know I'm still super behind on the blog...promise to catch up soon!!


  1. Good times in Neoga! Thanks for making the long drive to be there.

    Love you guys,