Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Review - "Down" Time an iPhone Review

Sometimes I get so caught up (or behind) in posting about all of our adventures, that I miss our fun day to day living!  So this post is a catch up of cute/fun pics courtesy of my phone :) 

Two peas in a pod :)

We go to the golf store almost weekly...they all know Dylan there and love him!  In fact, D asked me if he could have his next birthday party there!

Making/eating cake pops for Maggie :)  I told Dylan one of the best parts of being the chef is getting to taste test :)

D's version of Chinese :)

Papa and Dylan have been building zip lines and then shoot balloons down them...they've even managed to shoot a balloon from the first floor up to the second floor...pretty impressive and Dylan LOVES their science experiments!

I told you we go to the golf store a lot!

Park fun with Andie!

So proud of his ski helmet :)  He took it for show and tell and insisted on wearing it!

At Silas' (a kiddo from D's preschool) Star Wars themed birthday party...we had a great time!  D wasn't too big of a fan of the clown, but loved the sword balloon the clown made him!

Two weekends ago was a bit warmer, so we enjoyed some of the leftover snow in Kansas (it's finally almost all gone!)  D and Namma built a very cute snowman and had a fun snowball fight :)

I promised D that we could go to the big park if he took a good nap...I assumed a few weeks post snow, it would be plowed...apparently that was a bad assumption on my part!  D was so excited that we decided to trudge through the 4 foot snow drifts and play, anyway.  It was really fun and D had a blast! 

We spent this past weekend in Chicago for Dylan's Chicago birthday party!  We had a great time and got to see so many great friends and family!  Thanks so much to Toni and Karl for hosting the party and making it so fun to come to Chicago...many more pics to come (surprising, I know), but here's an adorable one with D, Grandma and Grandpa!



  1. Man, you guys have a lot of fun on a daily basis! Thanks for posting.



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