Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to my 3 days!!!

Let me start by saying that when I went to load pictures this week, I didn't think I had very many.  Turns out I have 42...I might have a problem people!

In case you missed the post title, D's birthday is in 3 days (yes, we have already been celebrating for a month!)  When I was growing up, my parents always sang us a song when it was getting close to our birthdays:

"Happy birthday to my love, to my love, to my love!  Happy birthday to my love in 3 days!"

I've been singing it to Dylan for the past week and he LOVES it!!!  We sing it every morning, when I pick him up from school, when he goes to bed...basically constantly (must be genetic, Zach used to make me start singing it to him a month in advance!)

Taking a page from Andrea's book, we've been doing a week of D's favorite foods (not that much different from what we usually eat)'s been so much fun having him get SO excited for his birthday!  And he is SO excited that the Easter bunny comes on his special day :) 

On Saturday, we went to the indoor pool...we are MORE than ready for summer around here!

Playing one of the many "games" he and my dad invent!  One point for landing the foam golf ball in the basket, two points for keeping it in the red bucket.

Saturday night, Mother Nature did her best to remind us that she will decide when it's time for summer by dumping another 8 inches of snow on us!!  Luckily, Sunday wasn't too cold so we had a great time playing outside!

post snow hot chocolate :)

D built Aunt NiNi and Chris' apartment...and then proceeded to knock it down!

More snow fun after naps...and probably the best snowman I have ever built (I was WAY more excited about it than D!)

More hot chocolate and a chocolate cookie?!?

Ella, Maggie and Dylan crack me up when they are together!!  They have so much fun playing!!

D's Birthday Week Menu:

Monday: Train Restaurant (cheeseburger and chocolate milk)

Hard to yell at D for playing with his food, when Papa builds french fry castles :)

Tuesday: hot dogs and beans

And a toffee cookie for dessert :)

Wednesday: pizza with his best buddies...followed by dying Easter eggs! (a huge thanks to Kris for hosting/supplying everything!)

Ice cream and brownies for dessert!  No wonder D asked while we were leaving when we could go back to Grant's house!

The birthday week fun continues!!  And lasts until his KC party on April 7th!  Many (and I'm sure that's an understatement) more pics to come!!

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  1. That is an awesome bday week! Glad we have another week and a half of festivities.