Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Review - New Parks!!!

D and I discovered a new park last weekend!  We went to one of the parks we frequent (known as the "big park") and Dylan wanted to explore one of the paths.  We walked up the hill and discovered a new park that we hadn't been to.  The "spinny park" is now one of our favorites and we have been back a few times already!  The best feature is this contraption they have that you can stand on and spin really enough that it makes me a bit nauseous and Dylan LOVES it!!  

Showing Namma the "spinny thing"

One of our night trips to the park...figuring out how to spin by himself without me pushing him!


  1. Can't wait to visit the spinny park with you guys sometime!


  2. I get dizzy again looking at the pictures. That spinning thing is pretty neat.