Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly Review - Fall Fun!!

Dylan and I continue to be busy with lots of fun filled activities!!  We've enjoyed spending a few weekends in KC, although D constantly asks me when we get to go on another plane trip :)

A cute story and then on to the pics...yesterday, we were getting ready for preschool.  Dylan looked at me and said, "Mama, I'm really smart...but I don't know everything yet, so I have to keep going to school for now!"  It was SO cute and funny...and he's clearly not lacking in any self-esteem!

Last Friday, I took care of all 3 kiddos for a while.  As you can see, they decided to get every single toy at the Morris household out to play with.  And then that the toy box was the most fun thing to play with...but hey at least at that point, they were contained!  When Aunt Andrea came home, I think she was a bit overwhelmed :)   

Saturday was pretty we decided a fun trip to the library was in order.  The kiddos had a great time coloring, doing a puppet show and reading books!

We have been taking advantage of the nice days while we still have them...that means lots of park time, golfing and pretty much any outdoor activity we can think of!

Monkey bars at the park!


Since I'm once again are a few bonus pics from today!  D played hooky from school today and we went to Deanna Rose with Beth and Collin!  We enjoyed feeding the goats, the slides, a hay rack ride to the pumpkin patch and of course a pony ride.  Many more pics to come, these are just the two I took with my phone!!

Breakfast date yesterday with Mommy at Panera :)


  1. The kids are getting so big! Thanks for the update.

  2. Definitely a fun fall in Kansas! Jealous of all of your fun outdoor activities.

    Love, Nini