Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Hot Hot Hot!!!

We had another action packed week (it seems like they all are)!!  Dylan got to start the weekend early with a very exciting stay-at-home day with Aunt Andrea, Ella and Maggie.  Andrea now has Fridays off of work, and last Friday, D stayed home with her.  She took the kiddos to Wonderscope and they had a great time!  Dylan talks about going back constantly!

Craft room!

Picnic lunch :)


This weekend was corporate challenge basketball.  Our team got 2nd, which is a bit disappointing, but we played well and had a lot of fun!

D doesn't really understand the concept of a picture being taken that he's not in :)

On Sunday after corporate challenge and naps, we headed to Namma and Papa's pool.  It's really about the only outdoor activity that is bearable these days.  We had a great time and Dylan loved his new water wings.  He can swim in them by himself and is very proud!!

After the pool and a quick shower, we went to watch Uncle Billy win the silver medal at tennis!  D loved playing with the tennis balls and insisted on "playing" tennis after Uncle Billy's match.  He even got one ball over the net and was VERY excited about it!

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