Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Catch Up!!!

This past weekend, we joined Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris (officially now!) in Chicago to celebrate their wedding!  The weekend was absolutely perfect with great weather, friends, family and celebrations!  Chris and NiNi thought of every little detail to make the weekend amazing for everybody!  I know everybody is anxious for pictures, so here are a couple that were taken post wedding...I promise a long detailed post with all the wedding specifics and more pictures than you could ever imagine next week!!! 

For the record, I think D was the cutest little man in a tuxedo in the history of the world!!!

As promised last week, here is the rest of the Vegas pictures/stories...we had an absolutely great time in Las Vegas.  D got to do two of his favorite things: swim in the pool and play pool balls.  He asks me at least once a day if we can go back to Vegas for Papa's tournament again.  Try explaining that the tourney is an annual event to a 3 year old who barely comprehends waiting 5 minutes for anything!

Sleeping on mommy's lap on the plane!

Uncle Billy letting Dylan "surf" on the moving walkway...of course D wanted to do that in Chicago this past weekend and didn't understand why I couldn't swing it with all of our stuff!!

Rolling in the Rolls Royce on the way to the Wynn!

A Vegas tradition for us...breakfast at McDonalds in the morning (early!!).  It's always very interesting all the people we see stumbling home while we are on our way out!

D's favorite part of the pool tournament...the practice area where he could play!!

Another Vegas tradition...In-N-Out Burger!!!

sleeping in the bathroom :)

Riding in style on Uncle Billy's shoulders :)

Papa decided that Dylan needed his own pool they are picking it out and using it!  Papa did AWESOME in the tourney!!  He finished tied for 7/8 (they don't do a playoff) out of tons of participants!

Pool time!!!

The Bellagio fountains...D didn't like the sound, so he and Namma actually watched them from inside while I stayed outside!

We did have one brush with a famous person in Vegas...D and I were heading from our floor at the Wynn to my grandfather's room.  The elevator stopped and David Spade walked on (my brother had seen him there earlier).  He was enamored (although, not sober) with Dylan and commented how cute he was (they kind of have the same hair!)...when D and I got off the elevator he called Dylan "buddy" and told him to have an excellent evening!  It was cute, but no pictures :) 

After dinner with my Grandpa, we moved Dylan back to our is he sleeping like a baby in my arms and then in my bed.  I think he would have preferred to stay in my fancy bed versus his air mattress in the bathroom :)

What trip is complete without Dylan getting to hang out in the cockpit :) He seriously thinks he should get to fly the plane! 

We've had a lot going on around here, lately (shocking, I know!).  D started a new preschool when we got back from Vegas...the last day at his daycare was pretty hard for all of are a couple of pictures with his favorite teachers!

We love Mrs. Kay!!!

We love Mrs. Amanda!!

  Crazy hair day at his new preschool!!  And yes, he LOVES doing "funny faces" for pictures now...there are plenty of those from Chris and NiNi's wedding as well!

Last weekend, we headed to the zoo to enjoy the fabulous weather!  We had a great time seeing all the animals!!!

We also had corporate challenge softball last weekend!  D loved coming out to the softball fields and watching us play.  I batted after a guy who hit multiple home every time I came up to bat Dylan would yell at me to hit it over the fence.  Obviously that did not happen, but we did successfully defend our gold medal :)


  1. Digital photography has changed the world. When I think of the budget we used to have for developing and printing pictures, and getting copies for the aunts and uncles and grandparents.

    Thanks for taking so many pictures, and working so hard on the blog. It makes me smile every week.

  2. What a great recap, maybe one of these years we'll join in Vegas! And I can't wait to see the wedding post! :)