Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesdays Weekly Review - We Love Weekends!!

We LOVE the weekends around here!! Last weekend, we stayed busy around the KC area!! On Saturday morning, we went to Felicia and Madison's soccer game. Dylan had a great time (especially playing on the sidelines with Jessica). The weather was beautiful and I think I have a future soccer player on my hands!

(sorry for the pics being sideways...I've tried to fix it a million times and nothing seems to be working!)

Saturday afternoon, we met Beth and Baby Collin at the indoor pool. Collin is obviously not a baby anymore, but Dylan still always calls him that and it's so cute!! We had a great time at the pool! Dylan was quite adventurous and wanted to go underwater. We spent a large part of the time going down slides and then with Dylan "canon balling" into the pool and me catching him. Needless to say, after the soccer game and pool, we slept very well that night!!

Sunday morning, we headed out for a run to the park. Dylan loves being outdoors (although, he kept telling me to run faster!) There's nothing Dylan won't climb these days, so parks are the perfect place for us!!

D loved hanging and then falling to the ground. Every time he landed without falling he'd say, "nailed it!"

Monkey see, monkey do!!

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