Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Recap - Green Eggs and Ham!!

Greetings from Michigan!! That's right, I'm up in MI for our annual budget trips. Luckily D has been in great hands between Nicki, Chris and Papa! Nicki and Chris came for the weekend, so I got to hang out with them as well. We got some wedding stuff done and had a great time. On Saturday night, Ella stayed the night! D has really been into Green Eggs and Ham so we decided we should give it a whirl!!

Green Eggs and Ham (or bacon in this case!)

D has a super strong sense of smell...he likes to smell everything before eating it! Notice the skeptical look on Ella's face :)

After he tried it, D said, "I like it!" Just like Sam I Am in the book!!!

Ella tried them as well...although, she didn't love them!

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  1. Great idea to make Green Eggs and Ham! They are at a perfect age to engage in such creativity. Great pictures too.