Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Aunt Ni Ni's New Pad :)

We headed to Chicago this weekend to check out Aunt Ni Ni's (D's name for Nicki) new pad (yes, that means she's moving out, but luckily has lots of room in her new condo and we have an open invitation to visit!). Dylan was his normal charming self on the plane! It's so nice to fly with such an easy going baby! And, of course, I eat up all of the he's so cute and he's so good comments from strangers :)

We got to Chicago on Friday night and after our arrival it proceeded to snow about 6 inches. We put unpacking/organizing on hold for Saturday morning in lieu of playing in the park! We had a great time, and D seemed to love how fast he went down the slides (it seems the snow suit combined with some snow on the slide led to very fast fact the adults had a hard time landing on our feet a lot of the time!).

We spent Saturday afternoon unpacking/cleaning and organizing the kitchen and on Saturday night some of Zach's family came over to hang out. We had a great time making cookies and playing the Wii.

I know I am WAY behind on's on my extensive list of things to check back, I promise there will be lots of fun things posted soon!!

enjoying a PB&J on the plane :)

Lunch at Aunt Ni Ni's new pad!


  1. I just love Wordless Wednesdays!

  2. Me too, me too! Can't wait to see the new place Nicki! And see how crowded it is with 5 adults and 3 kids. :)