Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Anta, Anta!!!

That's how Dylan says Santa :) And he knows that he says, "HO HO HO!!" He loves wearing his Santa pjs (they've even become more popular than his ball pajamas) and he likes talking about Santa. When it comes to seeing Santa (or more precisely getting his picture taken with Santa), he's not a huge fan. Our first adventure was when we flew home from Chicago a few weeks ago. Southwest had Santa at a gate and they were taking pics...as you can see below D was not the biggest fan!

I had decided that I wasn't going to force the issue and make him go again, but he kept asking to see Santa so we went to Bass Pro Shop last night. D was all about being there, hanging in the tent (that Santa is going to bring him!) and making ornaments with Aunt Ni Ni...however, once again when it came to sitting on Santa's lap it was a no-go...maybe next year :)


  1. There is definitely a lot of very cute "Anta" talk these days...can't really blame him for not liking a big, fat hairy guy.

  2. He and Ella are from the same school...love the theory, don't care for the real thing! :)