Wednesday, March 31, 2010


10:30 a.m. - I just got to meet with the surgeon. Dylan is out of surgery and like everything else in his life, he totally rocked it!! Andrea was right, it was lucky to have his surgery on his birthday!! They were actually able to push his stomach completely flat and pull the ab muscles back together (they thought it would take another surgery for sure). While there is some chance that the pressure will cause a small hernia, there's also a chance that we're done with surgeries!!! (even if there is a small hernia, it would be a very simple repair compared to this surgery and the one he had it birth). Dylan is in recovery and is waking up from the anesthesia. I should get to see him in about an hour and we'll go get settled into a room. Dr. Ostlie was fairly confident we'd get to go home by this weekend, so maybe we'll avoid consecutive Easters at Children's Mercy. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers! They really do help! Feel free to continue hoping the little man recovers quickly (we get to pray for poop again, people!) and isn't in too much pain. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some sleep so I'm not such an emotional mess. I'll try to get some pics up later!

Dylan has been in surgery for about 2 1/2 hours now (they actually took him back around 7:30, so they haven't been operating that long). I got a call around 9 that everything was going great. They weren't sure how much longer it was going to be, but will call again if it's going to go much past 10. He did great this morning, although was definitely starting to get sleepy and hungry by the end. He cried when the nurse started walking away with him, which was awfully hard on me. I was crying as well and just wanted to run after him and carry him to surgery myself (apparently they look down on that).

I'm doing pretty well so far. I've been entertained with pics from Nicki's adventures in South America so it's been fun :) Although, I'm ready to see my little man again!!

Here's a pic of Dylan in the pre-op area. Kristen brought him a bag of toys and a happy birthday headband :)

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  1. So glad it went well...can't wait to see my little super star!