Friday, March 26, 2010

One Small Step For Man...

First off, HOORAY!!!!! Aunt Nicki is back :) We're so excited to have her back in the States. She's spending the day with Dylan, who couldn't be more smiley this morning when he saw her! We're actually keeping D out of daycare today and then Monday and Tuesday to try to keep him healthy for his surgery on Wed. (3/31). I don't know what time it's scheduled for yet, but I'll try to update on Tuesday, once we know.

Now for the exciting news...D is officially walking on his own. Of course, he's not an expert yet, but he definitely takes steps on his own and gets very proud of himself! He also has his top two front teeth and I think is getting more in. He is starting to understand simple commands (he turns the light switch off at night before bed) and is experimenting so much with "talking". He has repeated nanna (for banana back to me) and will sign and say more (although not super consistently). We're having a family birthday party for him on Saturday (we want to limit the germ exposure before surgery), so I will make sure to post pics of that soon as well.

Now, here are a few pics and even more exciting a video of D walking!!

D on St. Patrick's Day. This picture isn't the cutest ever, but it's meant to show all of Dylan's war wounds...If you look at his left eye, he has quite the cut both above and below the corner from where he dove onto the computer while video chatting with Aunt Nicki. He also has two bruises on his forehead (although, they're pretty faded in this pic) from various dives he has taken (hey, this walking thing isn't easy!).

With mommy on St. Patrick's Day :)

I couldn't have a post without a new picture of Maggie. Maggie continues to do awesome! She's growing great, and will hopefully figure out that sleeping thing soon!

Look guys, I have enough hair to get it into a mohawk :)

And now, D walking :) He walks from me to the couch a few times and then crawls at the end of the video :)


  1. Hi Bobbi! He is getting so big. I remember when Christian turned a year, we noticed a BIG difference in how much he could understand. Now he understands EVERYTHING! They grow up so fast. :) Good luck on Wednesday. We'll be praying for you!

  2. WOW! GO DYLAN! I bet he'll be doing cartwheels when I see you next week.

  3. Great pics and video. He's such a stud! :)

  4. Lots of prayers and love as we head into tomorrow and surgery.