Friday, November 8, 2013

Hot Fun in the Summertime!!

It's really nice looking back on these pictures from when it was nice and warm!!  Although, 60 degrees in November isn't something I can really complain about!  I actually uploaded these pics almost 2 months ago, but haven't gotten around to the stories...I'm going to let the pics do most of the story you can see, we had a great summer with LOTS and LOTS of outdoor fun!

Brookridge (D's school) picnic:

Celebrating Beth's birthday:

Cousin sleepover, vacation bible school, swim lessons and Aunt Andrea's birthday!

Royals fun!

Grandma Toni comes to visit and celebrate her birthday!

Golf golf and more golf!

Uncle Billy's birthday!

More sleepovers!

One of my favorite pics of Mags...sporting my high heels and a power drill :)  I sent it to Morris and Andrea and said, real women use power tools!

Great Grandpa Bodie comes to town!

Birthday parties!

A little baseball (in addition to golf!)

D definitely inherited my love for chocolate malts!!

Sand volleyball (D watched me play a few times!)

Dylan played in his first (I'm guessing of many) golf tournament this summer.  Papa read about a junior golf tournament online that included a 3-4 year old division.  Papa was Dylan's caddy, and Uncle Billy and I were in the gallery.  They announced him on the first hole (and now, from Lenexa, Kansas...Dylan Harsch).  The tournament consisted of three holes from 50 yards.  Dylan drove the green on the 3rd hole, and by next summer, he won't be able to use his big dog (driver) because he hits it too far.  The tournament was great and Dylan was SO proud of himself.  They even had the kiddos sign their score cards at the end!!  For those of you who don't think the million pics I took did the tournament justice, let me know and I can send you the video play by play :)  

Iowa for the Father/Daughter golf tourney and the hot air balloon festival!

Hanging with all of our Iowa friends at Grey's Lake!

So I just realized this only takes us through July...I'll continue to try to catch up, probably just in time to get behind again!!  More to come, soon!


  1. Man it was a busy summer! No wonder you didn't have much time for posting pictures.

    Keep them comin, love you guys!


  2. Thanks Bobbie, great to see all the pictures.