Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Recap!

Wait, what?!?  It's Friday??  If it can snow in May, I suppose I can blog on Friday :)

We had a nice weekend last weekend!  The perfect combo of busy fun :)  On Saturday, we went to a birthday party at Deanna was cold and really wet, but we still had a good time.  And D had a GREAT time jumping in puddles!

On Sunday morning, we continued our tradition of doing the Trolley Run!  And in a new tradition, it was dry and sunny!  D had a great time and especially loved Beth's mini-muffins (he might have had 6 of them!)  We missed the Turner family this year, but we are excited for them to come walk with us next year!  I told Dylan that one of these years he was going to be big enough to run it with me!  

Baby Adam wasn't overly impressed ;)  He did GREAT!!

D and Collin discussing how many muffins they should get!

Racing with Lars :)

Racing with Mark :)

Why wouldn't you eat a donut at the finish line? 

Our traditional breakfast post race...yes, even after all those muffins, D still consumed a giant chocolate chip pancake!

Random pic...this is how I found Dylan the other night when I checked on him before bed!  Of course, my first inclination was to get my camera :)

D "winking" at me at Panera...Monday was beautiful so we decided a Panera/park date was in order!

On Tuesday, we went to Andie's orchestra concert!  She played great and D did a pretty good job sitting still!

We hit up the driving range on Wednesday before the snowstorm hit!

And since I'm late...bonus pics from this morning!  We were out of oatmeal (a crisis in our house) I made Dylan some green eggs :) 

Finally, here is a video from Dylan at the park on Monday.  He loves the monkey bars and for the first time on Monday, he made it all the way across by himself!  And managed to do it a second time on video!  He was SO proud of himself!! 

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