Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Maggie & Happy Valentine's Day!!!

A huge happy birthday to Maggie who turned 3 yesterday!!  Her official birthday tribute will come next week after her party at the zoo :)

And Happy Valentine's Day!!!  D was pretty pumped for his school party today...especially that we signed up to bring chocolate milk...tonight should be interesting after a day full of candy!!

Papa and Namma got Dylan a valentine that lights up and plays "Twist and Shout"...we've listened to it about a million times, and will likely get to answer that question of, do these ever run out of battery??

D picked out car valentines that you can scratch off and it becomes a hologram...basically the lottery ticket of valentines :)

In his, "the ladies love me!" shirt :)


  1. So good to catch up on Tuesday! Love those cake pops:) K

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Hope D man got lots of Valentines and candy today!