Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Star of the Week!!!

Every week, one of the kiddos at D's preschool is the star of the week.  Dylan gets that honor this week and couldn't be more excited!  He got to hold the flag for the pledge of allegiance and gets to be the line leader all week (apparently a very big deal in the world of a 3 year old!)  We brought in treats for the whole class today as well!  Each star fills out a survey and then brings in pictures to share with the are supposed to bring in 4-5...I managed to make do with 8 :) 

In case you can't read it very well:
Name: Dylan Harsch
Nickname: D-man
My favorite place to eat is: Old McDonalds
My hair is: blonde
My eyes are: blue
I like to eat: corn dogs
My favorite color is: pink
My favorite book is: The Tooth Book
I have 2 people in my family.
When I grow up I want to be: soccer player
I am special because: of my mommy (yes, this answer had me tearing up!)

We had an amazing time in NYC for Thanksgiving!!  It was so great to get to spend so much quality time with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris!  I love seeing the bond between Dylan and all of them!  He loved his morning breakfasts (Dunkin' Donuts with Aunt NiNi) his boys' nights (hanging with Grandpa and Uncle Chris) and carriage rides and park fun with Grandma!  He also LOVED riding the subway and wanted to take it everywhere (even when it wasn't convenient!)  Many more pics to come, but I'll leave you with this group shot as a teaser!


  1. Dylan is a star every week!

    What a great family picture. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  2. It was great to have you guys in NYC!

    Glad D man got to be star of the week- he does like being the leader when we go anywhere ;)

    Love you guys!

    Ni Ni