Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesdays Weekly Review - What day is it?!?

So, I'm late...which for those of you who know me very well can't find extremely surprising. In fact, it's pretty impressive that this is the first Wednesday I've missed thus far. We are officially in the crazy budget time of year at work, and on Monday I relearned the lesson that water and cell phones do not mix...I had just gotten to D's daycare and turned around to ask him something. Apparently, all the stars were aligned (or not, actually) and my phone fell out of my pocket and into my glass of water. I didn't even realize it until D asked, "why is your phone in the cup, mama?" I tried the whole dry it out in a bag of rice, but it still won't turn on. It's amazing how dependent I've become on my phone, especially for a camera (probably over half the pics I post here, I take with my phone and then e-mail myself)! I'm using a back up phone (circa 2008) for now, so at least I can have contact with people again :) So anyway, long story short, no long blog update this week! But here's a pic from Worlds of Fun, and I promise to do better next week!