Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesdays Weekly Review - Chicago is My Kind of Town!!!

So you may have noticed that I decided to can the "wordless" part of my Wednesday updates. Considering, I think I've never been able to post without lots of stories (insert your talks too much joke here), I've decided to give up trying completely. However, to put some additional posts up, I think I am going to add a little thing I'm going to call Friday - Fun Day which will be a picture or two of Dylan and maybe a fun fact or two about what he's currently all of you Wednesday regulars, feel free to check back more often or at least scroll down and check out the Friday posts :)

And now on to Chicago...we all headed to Chicago over Labor Day weekend for the annual Memorial Cubs game for Zach. It's a tradition that really means a lot to me and I really appreciate all of those who continue to attend each year. Grandma Toni and Grandpa Karl were nice enough to host Dylan, me and the entire Morris clan in their new house! It was amazing getting to have so much room to spread out and their new house is great!! In fact, D has been asking about going back pretty much constantly since we left!

Here's the photo-recap of the weekend with a few highlights:

Having fun at the airport :)

Playing pool at the restaurant after dinner down the street from Grandma and Grandpa's!

On Saturday morning, Nicki, Toni, Andrea and the kiddos met Erin at a local Children's museum. The museum was absolutely wonderful!! It had activities for kids of all ages and was super nice! The kiddos loved hanging out in all the different rooms...with the highlights being the water room, the baby hospital and the music room.

Future doctors!?!

The cute thing about this picture is that D walked up to the instrument and said, kind of like Carolyn (Erin's sister that plays the violin).

At the Potbelly's :)

For those of you who are confused, that is indeed Kylie Stump in the picture! The Stump family was in Chicago for a wedding and they met up with us at the children's museum :) And yes, that is an awesome pink backpack that Matt is rocking!

A fun tradition with Erin! In fact, I threw D up in the air the other day and he looked at me and said, "like Erin, mama?" It was so cute!

Grandma (Great) Pat also stayed at Toni and Karl's. It was nice getting to spend so much time with her! And she very sweetly brought all 3 kiddos coloring books and crayons!

Aunt Nicki bought all the kiddos (and herself) new Northface jackets. They look so cute!

Playing in the backyard!

Saturday night Toni and Karl hosted dinner for everybody at her house. The food was great and we had a blast!

Later on Saturday, after we put the kiddos to bed, Andrea and I met Lars, Erin and Carrie Mac out for a few drinks. Lars' birthday is Labor Day weekend and we've made it a tradition to go out in Chicago to celebrate!

On Sunday, we headed down to Wrigleyville for the Cubs game. One of Nicki's friends once again very graciously opened up his house to us so that the kiddos could take naps. While the kiddos napped, the rest of us met up with the group in Wrigleyville. After a few beverages, we headed to the game.

It was Lily's first Cubs game! She is even cuter in person than in pictures and it was so great getting to spend so much time with Bryan and Laura!

Eating my hot dog :)

A traditional sunglasses pic with my dad :)

Moms gone wild :)

After the game, we headed to Giordano's for some pizza.

Goodbye hugs at the airport!

I can't thank Toni, Karl and Nicki enough for their hospitality (this weekend and always) while we were in Chicago. They think of every detail big or small to make the trip as easy and smooth as possible for us. They rearrange their schedules to accommodate us and make coming to Chicago seamless. We love getting to spend so much quality time with all of them and it's so nice that Chicago is truly a home away from home! We can't wait to visit again soon!!

Sprinklers at the Morris household!

Eating like puppies at a picnic in the Morris backyard!

Ella sleeping on the new Southpaw pillowcase that Carrie Mac gave her. She loves it!

Coming soon...Spinach Festival fun :)

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