Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Weekend Fun!!!

We had a great weekend in KC this week! I love to travel, but sometimes it's nice to get to stay home and enjoy all of the great things to do in KC!

On Saturday morning, we met Ella, Maggie and Morris' parents (or as D calls them, Grandpa Uncle Morris and Grandma Uncle Morris) at the Johnson County Museum for a "Funky Mama" concert. We had a great time and D has already asked about seeing her again! After the concert, we explored the museum which had a TON of kid friendly exhibits.

On Sunday, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather outside (it had rained all day Saturday)! My mom, D and I headed to the zoo in the morning. We loved seeing Nikita (the polar bear) and all the kangaroos. The zoo is very geared towards kiddos and D loved climbing on all the exhibits and playing on the playground.

After lunch and a nap at home, we headed to get D's haircut! After the haircut, D and I went to the soccer fields and watched Felicia's team play. We had a blast running around the fields (they are made of astroturf) and D might be a little soccer stud in the making!

After the game we headed to the Morris house for dinner. Andrea and Morris had gone away to Napa for the weekend, so we were all in a bit of withdrawal. D absolutely loved riding in the new bike carrier with Ella and we enjoyed a dessert picnic outside after dinner. The Morris house is one of D's absolute favorite places in the world. Every morning he asks to go there and when I pick him up from daycare he asks to go there. It's so fun watching him play with Ella and Maggie :)

One bonus picture from last night...Will came over and made us delicious turkey burgers. D loves hanging out with "Silly Uncle Billy" especially since he is the only one tall enough to lift him to dunk the ball on a 10 foot hoop. D would do it for hours, if he could!!

We head to Chicago this weekend for D's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe he turns 2 next week! We're excited to see lots of family and friends...and of course to eat some cupcakes!!


  1. Super pictures! Have a great trip to Chicago. Happy almost birthday, Dylan.

  2. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend. I miss you!


  3. Action packed weekend! Wish I was there!
    Can't wait to see you guys for two weekends of birthday fun!

  4. Great pics as always! Hope you are having a blast in Chi-town!