Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nothing is Sweeter Than a Baby Laughing!!!

Dylan has started laughing quite a bit. There are usually 1-2 times a day that I can really get him going. Below is a video from Sunday. We were at Kristen's house and I was changing his diaper and he was just cracking up. It's about the sweetest thing that I have ever heard!

(Yes, it's quite okay for you to laugh at me in the video as well! I'll do just about anything if Dylan thinks it's funny!)

Dylan also had his first babysitter that wasn't a family member (although one could argue that she is practically family!). Not to worry, I did a thorough background check and decided that 7+ years of NICU experience qualified Kristen to babysit. Dylan and Kristen had an excellent afternoon together (I was so jealous that I had to work) and continued to fall even more in love with each other!!

You can babysit for me anytime, Kris :)

Dylan is getting quite adventurous and loves flying in my arms! (look at that grin)

I can't get enough kisses from Aunt Nicole!

Dylan is very aware that with eyes like these, Grandpa will let him get away with anything!

Bryan and Laura (yes, Tucci it was hard for me to call you that!) came to visit us this weekend from Chicago. We had a GREAT time all weekend. On Friday night, Bryan, Tucci, Kristen and Matt came over with fact with a pizza so big they had to turn it sideways to get it in the door and it was actually larger than Dylan. We ended up playing HOURS of Wii Fit and having a blast. Matt even set a couple of records that my dad and Nicki had to spend Saturday beating.

We met up Saturday for lunch and Sunday for breakfast before Bryan and Tucci had to head back to Chicago. It was great seeing them and getting to all hang out together, just like old times when they used to live here. Come back soon, guys!!

Grandma Toni comes back for another visit on Wednesday. And Aunt Nicole is down to her final two weeks of her "baby internship". As mentioned always, she has been an amazing support for me and a wonderful aunt for Dylan (more on this all need to tear up already). We're going to send Aunt Nicole off with a trip to the Iowa State Fair, so look forward to those pics in a few weeks!

Here are a few pics from this weekend:

Dylan loved getting to meet Bryan and Tucci!

Literally, I have NEVER seen a pizza so big. What was impressive was how much of it we ate!!

Dylan saves some of his cutest faces for Grandma!

Kristen decided that Dylan might be a good luck charm for the Wii fit!

I love sleeping on Kristen's shoulder!!

Looking awfully cute in Tucci's arms!

Goodnight, Grandma!

Goodnight, Kristen!

Goodnight, Tucci!

Thanks so much for coming to visit me, Bryan and Tucci! I had a great time!!

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