Monday, July 13, 2009

Home from the Hospital

We're home already from the hospital! Dylan did a great job and even had some smiles for the surgeon (who validated he was one of the cutest babies he's ever seen). Dylan was not super excited about not getting to eat this morning, especially after the nurses were messing with him getting his vitals. But my mom managed to get him back to sleep for a while before he went back (he was not happy when I was holding him and not feeding him, but seemed more okay with grandma). He is now sleeping very peacefully in his pack-n-play and will just need Tylenol for the pain. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated! And a special thanks to my mom, dad, Andrea, Nicki and Beth for entertaining me in the surgery waiting room so I didn't go to crazy waiting.

Isn't this about the cutest hospital gown you've ever seen!?!

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  1. He's growing so fast! When I see him next week he'll already be driving! Can't wait to see the both of you on Saturday :) yippeeeee! Love, Carrie