Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 Months Already!!

Well, believe it or not, Dylan is already a quarter of a year old! I know I say this every post, but I really can't believe how quickly time has flown by. Dylan continues to change so quickly. He is coo'ing up a storm now. And will even have conversations with us. He smiles all of the time and has even laughed a few times. He continues to roll over from his stomach to back (going both left and right). He'll roll from his back to his side but hasn't gotten all the way to his stomach yet. I'm back at work now which has definitely been a transition. But luckily, all of my friends at Applebee's have continued to be so supportive of me. They even decorated my cube with pictures of Dylan, so I wouldn't miss him too badly. (which was so nice, b/c as I walked into the office the first day, I thought to myself, I really should have brought in some pictures to have up!). And, Aunt Nicole is down here for the summer which is AWESOME! She's so super helpful to me and she and Dylan are very much enjoying bonding. Although, not the standard internship for a Northwestern MBA student, I have assured Nicki that she's learning some pretty important life lessons :) And she is definitely a professional already!
Yea, Nicki is here full time for the summer!!

Dylan apparently likes the drama (some say he takes after his aunt(s), you can choose which one!). He has something called an inguinal hernia. It's actually pretty common with infants (it's the number one most common surgery for babies). Basically, a small bit of his intestines is pushed into his scrotum. (I know, sounds super painful, but doesn't really bother him at all.) They can get more serious and painful, which is why they like to operate on them fairly quickly after finding them. So Dylan is having surgery on July 13th to fix that hernia. And, since we're hooked up with one of the best surgeons in the world, we're not too concerned about it. It's a fairly simple procedure, and is done as an outpatient surgery. The hardest part will be not being able to feed him for the few hours leading up to it (apparently it's not easy to reason with a 3 month old about why he can't eat.) Luckily, we managed to get him on as the first surgery of the day, so hopefully it won't be too hard. I promise to make sure to get an update as soon as he gets out of surgery.

So, since I've been such a slacker about updating the blog, I'm keeping this relatively short (for me at least), and am going to do most of the story telling through pictures/captions.

Sleeping on mommy's lap while she udpates the blog :)

My Aunt Carolyn and cousin Mikaela came to visit!

Feeding Dylan at the Cheesecake Factory! Nobody even had a clue what was going on :)

Annie O. came to visit Dylan, Liz O. and me! We had a great time and it was so nice getting to hang out with both of them!!

We celebrated Andrea and Beth's birthday with a fun party complete with life size drinking Jenga...Nicki and I are convinced that there is a market out there if we can figure out a way to mass produce it! (Thanks to Tom O. for making this version and Liz for letting us borrow it!)

Carrie Mac came to visit and we took Dylan to his first Royals game! They even pitched a complete game shut out for a rare Royals victory. Dylan was great throughout the whole game! And especially liked meeting Slugger!

Great Grandpa Lee and Great Grandma Rose came to visit! I think they instantly fell in love with the little guy!

Sarah and JoAnne came to visit! We had a great time, and I got addicted to some new games on Jo's iphone.
Grandma Toni came back to celebrate her birthday with us! We got her a digital picture frame so she can see pictures of Dylan all the time!

Dylan and me on my first day of work!

Already joining in on the famous sunglass pictures with Grandpa!

Ella continues to be infatuted with her cousin. She likes to swing him while he's in the swing!

I'm SO cute!!!

Dylan's impression of a tootsie roll :)

Reading Dr. Seuss with grandpa...I do so like green eggs and ham!!

He slept with his hand up for a good 30 minutes!

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  1. I love looking at all of the pictures. Keep 'em coming! See you again soon!